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The absolute webinar of the summer is coming tommorow! Unmissable!

FREE Webinar "TAILORING THE BRAIN FRIENDLY LESSON & BRAIN FRIENDLY GRAMMAR" by Rachel Paling and George Kokolas 8th July, 15:00-17:00 CEST/Madrid time

"TAILORING THE BRAIN FRIENDLY LESSON" with George Kokolas: The vastness and perplexity of the human brain are characteristics that simply cannot be doubted. For many years now, neuroscience has been trying to shed some light on the cognitive abilities and capacities of people, providing us with many insightful facts. Even though teachers are not neuroscientists or “brain experts”, having some tips, techniques or even theories in mind about the brain (...).

"BRAIN FRIENDLY GRAMMAR" with Rachel Paling: By delivering grammar through conversations, learner autonomy is stimulated to the maximum with calm curiosity leading to “aha” moments and continuous insights. These conversations follow the PACT PQC model created by Rachel Paling to encourage learner autonomy and effective learning (...). Save your place at https://www.languagecoachingcertification.com/…/free-webin…/

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