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Teachers from all over the world are given the floor in The Booth. The weekly podcast by ELT ACTION that brings into the spotlight the frontline ELT/ESL teachers of our planet! Travel through "The Booth" to different classrooms of the world! Meet everyday, hardworking teachers, listen to motivational student/teachers stories, feel the connection, and build a global perspective for your profession. United teachers of the world, expand their expertise and change lives! Original concept and production by ELT ACTION, with George Kokolas!

The Booth S01E01 - The life of an ELT Teacher in Bosnia Herzegovina

Sabina Skenderovic is a teacher from Bosnia Herzegovina. She lives in Tuzla, a city in the northeast of the country, where you can find beautiful salt lakes. She teaches in Big Ben Centre for foreign languages, Tuzla, and teaches students aged 5 - 25.

She loves doing content-based projects, service learning projects, and storytelling with her students.

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